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Benefits of a Probiotic and the Best Probiotic

by Emily Pobratyn

Probiotics are not a new concept.  In the early 20th century Elie Metchnikoff, a Nobel Prize recipient, was very interested in the ageing process and expressed his fascinating view of ‘intestinal auto intoxication’: the large bowel is a source of toxic substances such as ammonia and amines that are absorbed from the gut and circulate in the blood, damaging the nervous and vascular systems...

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Shocking Facts about the Gut-Brain Relationship and 3 Advanced Ways to Help It Flourish by Health Coach Emily Pobratyn MBA, HC, AADP

by Emily Pobratyn

The brain and the gut are powerfully connected and share a bidirectional communication channel. Understanding this interconnectivity is essential for optimizing brain and gut health.

A few powerful brain-gut interdependence examples...

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5 Little Known Ways to Lose Weight Fast

by Emily Pobratyn

What does digestion have to do with weight loss? Everything.

If you do not digest your food properly (which most people cannot do well), any chemical toxins present in the food you eat are absorbed from the small intestine through the hepatoportal artery and intoxicate the liver. The liver sends this trash out in adipose tissue aka fat. And the body will keep building out fat as more and more chemical toxins are consumed. The result: weight gain...

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3 Advanced Digestive Health Tips for Women by Health Coach Emily Pobratyn, MBA, HC, AADP!

by Emily Pobratyn

  1. Adequate stomach acid aka hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid is the holy grail of digestion because of its many functions. HCL helps: absorb protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and iron, avoid gas, bloating, and acid reflux (because you are digesting instead of fermenting food), suppress growth of ingested bacteria and candida, and evade brain-gut mood imbalances....

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Constipation Symptoms & How to Relieve Constipation Naturally

by Emily Pobratyn

Constipation. Miserable. Heaviness. Bloating.

I am all too familiar with this malady. I suffered for years with constipation. I went almost 14 days without going number two when I was a kid. And when I went once a week, it was party time.

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SIBO Symptoms and How to Get Rid of Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth

by Emily Pobratyn

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) occurs when there is an increased number and/or abnormal type of bacteria in the small bowel. Yuck. I suffered with this ailment and it’s no fun. I got rid of SIBO and so can you. Unfortunately, almost 100% of people who take antibiotics for SIBO have one or more re-occurrences. There must be more to SIBO then conventionally believed...

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Why Buy From Smart Wellness Center...


Excipients are typically undesirable binders, fillers, and 'glues' used in nutritional products. Animal organs and glandulars are animal parts that carry with them prions or other toxic tagalongs that promote inflammation -- and in our opinion shouldn't be in a quality product! We DON'T do any animal testing because we love our fuzzy friends!

100% Ingredient Testing

The most advanced test equipment and test methods are used including High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) to assure potency and reliability of every ingredient.

Living Source, Real Products NOT Synthetic Isolates

Many supplements available on the market today are made in a lab from synthetic or isolated nutrients--forms that DON'T naturally occur in nature and only 'mimic' the real thing. These isolates are missing all their naturally occurring synergistic co-factors and transporters. This means that they can stimulate a cell's metabolism but are unable to upgrade or replace the cell with better elements.

You get the real, whole live source nutrients with us that contain all the essential synergists, co-factors, and transporters needed to metabolize the nutrients for best performance. No fakes or wannabes!

The Cellular Resonance Effect and Body of Light

Ground breaking experiments by German biophysicists have shown that the body emits light in the form of biophotons. This is not visible to the naked eye but made visible with sensitive and sophisticated optical equipment. This light around a molecule distinguishes living from non living substances. Consuming nutrients that are synthetic or degraded because of pesticides, chemical additives, poorly grown, etc can dampen the cell's life or resonant frequency. That is why living, source, whole, and clean products are key to vibrant health.


What People Are Saying About Us...

"I am able to share my testimony with enthusiasm and immense appreciation for Emily’s highly regarded professionalism in her field.  Without her intervention I am sure my health would have gone down a dark road…

Not long after being on Emily's program, I started to lose my belly weight and my digestive system was beginning to open up and start to heal.  In fact I went down two clothing sizes. Her treatment heals in layers.  Once my digestive tract got under control, she could see the other underlying areas that were problematic due to all the stress I internalized.  If it wasn’t for Emily and her professional treatment you probably wouldn’t be reading this testimony right now.  I thank her for coming to my aid and doing the Lord’s work he assigned her to do." -Sheri C. Darien, IL

"I had been suffering with a sharp pain in my right side for several months. I could not raise my arm or bend over because the pain would intensify.  I thought I had cracked my rib.  I was not able to sleep and was exhausted.   I could no longer work….

I learned about the inflammation in my body among other health issues that had to be dealt with. Within 3 days of following Emily's plan my pain had started to sub-side.  In two weeks, the pain was gone and I was able to sleep again. Its been 2 months now, my energy has returned and I was able to start a new job." -Crystal Bolingbrook, IL

"After seeing my mother recover from a long bout of pain, exhaustion, and barely able to function through the day I decided to do something about my health...

My entire body ached, I could not sleep. I was overweight and struggling. I needed to speak to Emily, the woman who helped my mother regain her health. I met with Emily and was tested.   She set up a protocol for me to follow.  I lost 30 pounds the first month and several inches. My body does not ache. I have more energy and sleep better. My health is improving and I continue to follow her protocol." -Gary D., Bolingbrook IL

"I have been on the program for almost a year. I have to say it is quite remarkable!

I work construction so I put in long hours on my feet all day. Since I started the program. I have lost 30lbs. My energy level has increased. And my overall well being is incredible. I actually can wake up feeling well rested and ready to go in the morning.Also I noticed I tend to feel full a lot sooner. So I am not eating as much as I did before. And I love to eat good food! …"-John G., Darien, IL

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