Emily Pobratyn, MBA, HC, AADP

I’m Emily and I understand exactly how you feel.

I struggled with digestive problems most of my life—as a kid, teenager, and young adult. Constipation. Miserable. Heaviness. Bloating. Everyday.

Read more about my struggle here (especially with constipation and how I got rid of it)

As Emile Gautier said in 1909: “Freedom of the bowels is the most precious, perhaps even the most essential, of all freedoms—one without which little can be accomplished.”

My “one sick puppy,” personal experience which revolved around digestive issues and those few extra stubborn pounds inspired me to get involved in my own health as an active participant rather than a passive spectator that visits the doctor’s office every so often for a checkup.

When I was in college my mom became ill and conventional medicine didn’t have an answer or solution so I went on a journey to find real solutions to help my mom.

While I was doing my MBA (Masters of Business Administration), I enrolled in an integrative nutrition program in New York and learned over 100 dietary theories and modalities and became a Health Coach (HC), which is a relatively new profession commended by the US Congress (a letter from the US Congress is posted below). 

I started putting all this knowledge into action.

I was transformed.

My mom was a new person.

My clients were jumping for joy.

But that wasn’t enough…

I went on to get certified in modified kinesiological testing levels I, II, III, and bio-communication technology testing that taps into the brain and nervous system to gain insight into what the body needs to heal itself.

I focused and continue to emphasize decreasing stress in the body so that the body’s innate healing ability can work at its best and individuals can express their optimum genetic potential.  This is the exciting and empowering new science of epigenetics that proves that, in fact, our choices especially in the areas of nutrition, stress, and toxins change our genetic expression. We have the power to turn on genes that promote wellness and turn off genes that express illness.

If all if that wasn’t enough, I also became certified as a Practitioner of a Harvard Physician in Natural Hormone Balancing—because hormones are important although they are narrow view to the larger wellness picture.

Exquisite health and wellness is waiting for you. It’s real and wonderful. And I hope to be part of your journey.

Client Testimonials


I am able to share my testimony with enthusiasm and immense appreciation for Emily’s highly regarded professionalism in her field.  Without her intervention I am sure my health would have gone down a dark road.

I had just buried my entire family.  I was the only one left.   My mother, father, and brother, had all passed away within a year of each other.  They had died before their time, at fairly decent young ages, all of different things, and unexpectedly.  The stress, grief, and responsibilities were dripping internally inside my body unknown to me a volcanic health disaster was ready to erupt.

My stomach looked like I was ready to give birth to triplets, which was totally impossible, since I had a hysterectomy a couple years prior.  I went to my gynecologist and she did a physical exam and told me everything was fine and she sees no problems. 

But she then looked at how much weight I gained and told me she would not do any blood work until I lost weight.  I am a small framed woman and was always known as petite.  She was shocked to see me larger than my original frame.  But to my disappointment, did not offer aid in my quest for healing.

Not long after being on Emily's program, I started to lose my belly weight and my digestive system was beginning to open up and start to heal.  In fact I went down two clothing sizes.

Her treatment heals in layers.  Once my digestive tract got under control, she could see the other underlying areas that were problematic due to all the stress I internalized.

If it wasn’t for Emily and her professional treatment you probably wouldn’t be reading this testimony right now.  I thank her for coming to my aid and doing the Lord’s work he assigned her to do.

May she continue to help many, many people.

Much gratitude,

Sheri C.

Darien, IL


I met and first started working with Emily Pobratyn at a time when I was at a crossroads.  If I continued on the path that I was then on, I have no doubt that I would be dead by now or very close to it. 

My dietary habits changed for the worse.  I had no motivation to cook, let alone meal plan, and therefore was surviving on carryout food and alcohol.  I had gained 30+ pounds, none of it good.  My blood pressure had also sky rocketed, and my internist was ready to start me on a daily medication to attempt to bring my dangerously high blood pressure down.   

Emily placed me on a protocol. I lost nearly 40 pounds of toxic weight. And the weight has stayed off.  My blood pressure came down to within normal limits and has remained so for over a year now.  This occurred without any real effort on my part.  I certainly did not feel as though I was dieting.  Rather, the supplements pulled the toxins out of me and the weight off of me, and helped to restore balance to my body. 

The dietary changes Emily proposed were likewise effortless to adhere to on my part.  In a short period of time my body no longer craved processed or fast food, laden as it is with chemicals and other toxins.  

Emily helped rebuild my faith and my spirituality, to the point where it is now stronger than it has ever been.

Emily’s program was a life saver for me.  But you need not be on a path to destruction or at death’s door to benefit from what she has to offer.  You need only have the desire to improve your health and your physical and mental well-being and to attain an ideal body weight and to maintain it.  Who doesn’t want that?  Taking advantage of Emily’s program will give you all of this and then some.  As a sober, fit, happy and healthy person who was once certain he was on the path to his own annihilation, I can fully attest to the fact that Emily’s program works!

Jim M., Glenview IL


I have been on the program for almost a year. I have to say it is quite remarkable!

I work construction so I put in long hours on my feet all day. Since I started the program. I have lost 30lbs. My energy level has increased. And my overall well being is incredible. I actually can wake up feeling well rested and ready to go in the morning.Also I noticed I tend to feel full a lot sooner. So I am not eating as much as I did before. And I love to eat good food!

I would recommend Emily's program for those that are looking to lose some weight, cleanse their system, and generally want to feel better about themselves. This is not a quick fix, but a lifestyle change. You must be dedicated to the program in order for the changes to happen. I know I enjoy taking the next step in this program in order to get to my goals. Good luck in your venture.

John G.

I had been suffering with severe pain in the kidney area for at least eight years.  It started out with a lot of heat in that area during the night. Usually starting about 2:00 am and lasting until I got out of bed at 9:00 am and moved around for a while.

I went for my usual yearly check-up, blood tests, and consultations with two different doctors during this time. I complained about the heat and pain in the kidney area and how it was becoming more intense. Exhaustion started settling in due to the lack of sleep I was experiencing.  I was told that my tests did not show anything wrong with my kidneys. My question then was “why do I feel so bad?”

Fortunately, my prayers were answered when I was introduced to Emily. During our first session she told me that my kidneys and adrenal glands are stressed. She asked me “do you wake up during the night about 2:00 am?” I was shocked and almost fell off my chair!

Emily put me on a program and in two weeks the heat was gone from my back and so was the pain. For the last six months I have had the deepest and most restful sleep that I have had in years. I still continue to follow her protocol and I am feeling better and stronger each day. Thank you and God Bless You.

R.M Sunny

LaGrange, IL


I became severely ill and conventional medicine didn't have an answer or solution as to the underlying cause.

I was dizzy, fatigued, hyperactive, losing my hair, clearly experiencing premature aging, and unable to function.

Emily, my daughter, went on a quest to find answers and solutions to help me. I feel like a resurrected person. Alleluia! The problem was in my guts. The protocol, diet, juicing, and supplements restored my guts, energy, and weight. Love you, Mom.


I fell off of a tree and popped my right shoulder out of the socket.

After getting the arm adjusted, I was in a lot of excruciating pain that it was hard to live. Emily put me on natural anti-inflammatories and helped me with other advanced protocols. I'm happy to say that the pain has subsided and I am so grateful! Thank you Emily!

I do a lot of walking for work and my leg was covered in varicose veins and the heel hurt every time I took a step. 

I needed help and I was referred to Emily by family. Emily did a series of mud therapy sessions. She tested me for several supplements. I am overjoyed to say that the varicose veins are gone along with the pain in the heel! I also lost my toxic belly fat and feel young. Thank you Emily!


I was stressed out and continually losing weight to the point of looking anorexic.

I was fatigued, shaky, sleep deprived-in really poor shape. Emily placed me on a protocol to help restore my guts and renew my kidneys and adrenals. I feel like a new person. Im relaxed, came back to my healthy weight, and centered. Thank You Emily!


I was dizzy, pale, bloated, gassy, experienced constant diarrhea (at the worst possible moments) and asthma attacks.

Blood tests and other procedures didn't show anything significant or specific. There was lots of guessing and assumptions which was frustrating. 

Emily placed me on a protocol, helped me change my diet, and uncovered my gluten sensitivity/intolerance. The diarrhea, dizziness, bloating, and gas stopped along with the asthma attacks. My quality of life is great now. Thank you Emily and God Bless You.


I'm a nurse and run around a lot. This is difficult to do with type 2 diabetes and being overweight.

Emily conducted a cooking class for me and my son. After that FIRST new MEAL my blood sugar dropped 30 points. The supplements and protocols are helping me lose weight and feel so much better.

When I met Emily I was suffering from very low energy.  It was an effort to get out of bed and function through the day. My once thick hair was falling out. 

Emily placed me on a program to address this 6 months ago. I am happy to say I now have more energy to get through the day and my hair is no longer falling out--it is getting thicker and everyone comments on how good it looks.

Appreciate your help Emily. 

Kerrine M.

Chicago Suburbs


I had been suffering with a sharp pain in my right side for several months. I could not raise my arm or bend over because the pain would intensify.  I thought I had cracked my rib.  I was not able to sleep and was exhausted.   I could no longer work.  

My son wanted to take me to the emergency room on several occasions.  Unable to deal with the pain any longer I agreed to see Emily. My friend had great results and I saw her health improve with much success.I Iearned about the inflammation in my body among other health issues that had to be dealt with. Within 3 days of following Emily's plan my pain had started to sub-side.  In two weeks, the pain was gone and I was able to sleep again.  Its been 2 months now,  my energy has returned and I was able to start a new job.  Thank you Emily!
Crystal, 51 yr old female

After seeing my mother recover from a long bout of pain, exhaustion, and barely able to function through the day I decided to do something about my health. 

My entire body ached, I could not sleep. I was over weight and struggling. I needed to speak to Emily, the woman who helped my mother regain her health.

I met with Emily and was tested.   She set up a protocol for me to follow.  I lost 30 pounds the first month and several inches. My body does not ache. I have more energy and sleep better. My health is improving and I continue to follow her protocol.

Gary D., Bolingbrook IL


Difficulty swallowing. My food would not go down properly while eating. The food would back up and be thrown up. Lost weight and became very weak and malnutrition set in. I could not stand up without shaking. Walking became difficult.

During this time I had various diagnosis and medical treatments that did not help. This had gone on for a few years.

Finally, I was introduced to Emily. In just a few weeks it was AMAZING. I was able to swallow and my food was staying down. Now, I am able to digest my food, have regained my strength, and am no longer malnourished.

I am very grateful to Emily and how she helped my get on my feet. I thank God for you and the work you do Emily.


Richard S.

Chicago, IL


I was on HRT, hormone replacement, for 15+ years.  After weening myself off, I began working with Emily.  My heat surges and moods are beginning to regulate.

I had poor range of motion in my neck and arm following a surgery. After working with Emily, I have regained much of my range of motion.  Several months ago, I was with a friend who was smoking an electronic cigarette.  Following that encounter I began feeling "foggy", unable to focus and unsteady.  I told Emily of my symptoms when she was applying a 'mud' treatment.  I felt the fog lift in 2-3 minutes and have been "fog free" ever since.

Joan P., 70 yr old female


I would like to thank you for helping me finally wake up everyday without anxiety...

I also finally have more energy throughout the day with the loss of body fat obtained with the specified program you have designed for me. With my anxiety I have a hard time opening up and talking about my health issues, but with your caring nature and professionalism I was able to open up and tell you about my issues. I also never had a practitioner actually call me up to check in to see how I was doing throughout the process. I will definitely recommend you to my family and friends in hope that they main obtain a new lease on life as I have by following the program you have designed.

Thank you, Dean


In Oct 2015 I had a blood lipio panel order from my doctor. The results came back and I had high triglycerides that were off the charts. Reference range is 30-150 mg/dl and mine were 411...

My doctor put me on a drug to lower my triglycerides. After 3 weeks I had to get off of it because I experienced various side effects. My doctor wanted me to try another drug. I said no, I’ll try a holistic therapy. My doctor told me he could not help me with that but if I knew someone I could trust I should give it a shot. This is when I went on Emily's protocol for 2 months.I did the detox, took the herbal products she recommended, and followed the clean diet she laid out for me. Less than 2 months later on Dec 16th 2015 I had another blood test. The doctor called me into his office on Dec 17th. He was ecstatic when he showed me my blood test results. He said no patient ever experienced results this fast. My triglycerides went from 411 to 111 and I lost 22lbs, all in 2 month, because of Emily's protocol.  I even had a respected dietitian call me up and ask me how I was able to get them so low. I told her it was all thanks to Emily's protocol. 

Yours in Health,


Health Coach Value from the US Congress

Health Coaches and the Future of Healthcare from the Medical and Scientific Communities

“I see the future of healthcare being, not only changing the content of healthcare—what we talk about and what we teach—but the delivery of healthcare. Meaning, we are not going to have the patient and the doctor in the office for six minutes anymore. We have to develop integrated healthcare teams and create long term sustainable healthcare change. The only way that is going to happen is with ancillary health providers like Health Coaches that can come in and provide education, group training, and facilitation of change over time with people. It’s happening all across the world, all across the country. It’s a little bit invisible but it’s one of the most important movements that are happening today in America.”

-Dr. Mark Hyman, M.D., Chairman of the Institute for Functional Medicine and author of multiple New York Times Bestselling books

“Health Coaches provide you with an opportunity to a) get really good information and b) have somebody to guide you along. If you are the lone ranger, it’s tuff. If you have a coach in your corner it’s phenomenally easy.”

–Dr. Neal Barnard, M.D., President of the Physician’s Committee for Responsible Medicine and Faculty at George Washington University Medical School

“Health Coaches can help people understand what healthy food choices are and then help them put those into practice in a way that will have a huge impact on their long-term wellbeing.  If we look around the country and we look at the statistics, the clear indication is that most Americans are eating in a way that is having many adverse effects on their health. Health Coaches can provide people with information that is critical but more than that they can give them a hand to put into practice choices that can have a powerful influence on their health and wellbeing and the health and wellbeing of their families as well.” 

-Walter Willett M.D., Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health