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Olive Leaf Immune, Premier Immune System and Cardiovascular Support Featuring Oleuropein (60 vcaps)

Premier Olive Leaf Immune contains genuine Italian Olive Leaf and is a clean, living source, full spectrum immune support formula that also supports the kidneys, brain, and cardiovascular system. It has ZERO fillers, binders, additives, heavy metals, pesticides, or other excipients.

Much research has been conducted on the olive leaf that has been used as a powerful herb around the world for 6000 years.

In Molecules 2015 the authors write:

"The interest in olive leaf has grown in recent years due to the high concentration of phenolic compounds, of which oleuropein is the most abundant. A number of the health benefits...have been attributed to oleuropein. It has been found to have anti-atherogenic [3], anti-inflammatory [4] and antimicrobial [5] properties. More recently, oleuropein has been investigated for its potent anti-cancer activity. It has been shown to inhibit proliferation and migration of a number of advanced grade human tumour cell lines in a dose dependent manner [6–11].

In Nutr Hosp. 2015 olive leaf extract has similar and greater health benefits:

"The polyphenols of olive leaves have numerous beneficial effects to human health, such as antioxidant capacity [6], anti-hypertensive [8], hypoglycemic[9], hypocholesterolemic[10], cardioprotective [11], anti-inflamatory [12] and as a coadjuvant in the treatment of obesity [13]."

The antioxidant activity of olive leaves is explained in the same article as follows:

Reactive species of oxygen and nitrogen are produced constantly in the human body. They are essential for many cellular mechanisms such as energy production, chemical signaling and immune function and its production is controlled by enzymes such as superoxide dismutase (SOD), glutathione peroxidase and catalase (CAT), however, when there is an excess in the production of these reactive species there can occur an oxidative damage at cellular level. This cell damage is related to the increased risk of chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease and cancer [22]. However, it is believed that the antioxidants [such as oleuropein found in olive leaves]  may prevent or minimize oxidative damage and, consequently, reduce the risk of chronic diseases [6].


*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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