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DHEA, Premier, Anti-Aging USP Wild Yam Adrenal, Reproductive, and Stress Support Formula (60vcaps)

Premier DHEA aka dehydroepiandrosterone is a USP Wild Yam derived anti-aging formula that helps not only modify the stress stress response and promote reproductive health,  it also enhances memory and mood. 

DHEA is an important hormone whose production starts to decrease at age 30. The Clinical Calcium Journal in 2016 published in article that focused on DHEA and bone metabolism:

"Dehydroepiandrosterone(DHEA), an adrenal androgen, has attracted much attention as an anti-aging hormone as well as a marker for senescence because of its unique change along with aging. DHEA is reported to have beneficial effects such as anti-diabetes, anti-obesity, and anti-atherosclerosis. It is also shown that DHEA has anti-osteoporosis effects to increase bone mineral density in randomized controlled trials(RCTs). As osteoblasts express aromatase which will convert androgen to estrogen, DHEA may act protectively against osteoporosis through its metabolites."

Premier DHEA is a clean, live source formula with ZERO additives, fillers, and binders.

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