Glutamine, Premier

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Glutamine, Premier, Free Form L-Glutamine Derived from Beneficial Bacteria Rather than Synthetics, Gastrointestinal, Immune System and Growth Hormone Support (100 vcaps)

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the body and one of few which can cross the blood-brain barrier, playing an important role in biological functions including protein synthesis. During catabolic states or stress, as in post-exercise, glutamine supports muscle recovery and glycogen reloading.

It is a key amino acid that supports muscle and gastrointestinal tract health while also promoting intestinal mucosa health. Glutamine is necessary in the production of glutathione, a key liver nutrient.

Research indicates that glutamine supports the immune system by strengthening immunoglobulins such as s-IgA. When the mucosal lining has adequate sIgA, bacteria cannot bind to it, making infection less likely.  Glutamine can also help strengthen and increase the numbers of white blood cells called lymphocytes which additionally supports the immune system. 

A study demonstrated that taking 2 grams of glutamine daily caused a significant 400% + release of growth hormone in men. Another study showed the anabolic and anticatabolic effects of glutamine as it increased protein synthesis and inhibited protein breakdown. This means that supplementing with glutamine could help enhance muscle growth and improve athletic performance.

*Disclaimer:  The FDA has not evaluated any of these statements.  Practice at your own risk and gain.  Please seek immediate medical care for any urgent trauma. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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