Nucleo Immune, Premier

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Nucleo Immune, Premier, Nucleotide Immune and Intestinal Support Formula (60 vcaps)

Premier Nucleo Immune provides high quality nucleotides which are the building blocks of DNA and RNA. Each cell contains 6 BILLION nucleotides. Nucleotides are essential and can and should be supplied from outside the body. Traumas, stress, and immune challenges can deplete the body's nucleotides.

Studies of individuals that exercise intensely have shown depressed effectiveness of the immune system for up to 2 days after vigorous exercise. Supplementation with nucleotides in such situations has demonstrated decreased cortisol (the stress hormone) and better immune markers such as IgA--all positive results.

Nucleo Immune promotes protein synthesis, cellular vitality, beneficial intestinal flora, and energy. Nucleo Immune is formulated with co factors and synergists such as organic chlorella, noni, tumeric, prickly pear, lion's mane, yerba santa, and others which makes it highly bio-available and allows for deep cellular repair and detoxification.

ZERO additives, excipients, binders, fillers, or glues.

More on nucleotides from the Journal of Animal Health and Production 2013:

"Nucleotides being novel substances act as prebiotic and; in most cases regulate function of gastro intestinal tract (GIT). They immensely regulate genes expression of immune cells, relieving stress, execute neurodevelopment and inhibit apoptosis. More so, they take part in oxido-reduction process, propagate cell signaling and regulate cell cycle of mammalian cells."


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