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Premier Galactan, arabinogalactan aka larch fiber, (8oz)

Premier Galactan also known as arabinogalactan is a clean, live source larch fiber supplement that supports gut health and the immune system integrity.

More on this amazing fiber…..

What is arabinogalactan?

Arabinogalactan is a non-starch polysaccharide carbohydrate that occurs abundantly in the cell walls of plants. It is classified as a dietary fiber because it resists digestion by enzymes contained both in saliva and the small intestine, hence entering the large bowel intact, where it is fermented by the resident microflora. And the gut microbiota love this stuff.

Arabinogalactan has a “wide range of biological properties and activities documented, such as the protection of gastrointestinal mucosa and large bowel function, the support of digestive health by improving intestinal flora, the improvement of stress- induced gastrointestinal dysfunction, the effect on vascular permeability, the effect in metastatic disease and the enhancement of immune function ,” according to a recent 2016 Nutrition & Metabolism review (4)

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