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Daily One, Premier, Living Source Multi-Vitamin Formula that Contains Vitamins, Minerals, Amino Acids, Fatty Acids, Enzymes and Chlorophyll (60 vcaps)

Robert H. Fletcher, MD, MSc from Harvard School of Public Health states that “Suboptimal intake of some vitamins, above levels causing classic vitamin deficiency, is a risk factor for chronic diseases and common in the general population….It appears prudent for all adults to take vitamin supplements.” 

Premier Daily One is a synergistic formula that contains clean and powerful ingredients that alkalize, help break down fat, regulate the intestinal tract, and support microbial elimination.

Daily One contains:

  • Wild, Fresh Water Blue Green Algae that is a superior brain and body food
  • Coriander Leaf Powder which promotes healthy intestines and helps detoxify the kidneys and heavy metals
  • Fermented, Premium Grade Green Tea that aids weight loss, mental alertness, lowering cholesterol levels and preventing cancer according to the National Center for Complementary Alternative Medicine

  • Ionized Minerals composed of calcium, magnesium, and trace minerals support an optimal pH
  • Noni that promotes superior intestinal health and function and protein/enzyme activation
  • Highest Quality Reishi Extract Plus Other Mushrooms which boost the immune system and nerve growth factor synthesis and increases RNA and DNA synthesis

Premier Daily One is clean, and FREE of binders, filler, heavy metals, pesticides, additives, gluten or soy.

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