3 Fundamental Products for Digestive Health & My Bonus Protocol: HCL, Digest, Cleanse, Premier

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3 Fundamental Products for Digestive Health & My Bonus Protocol:

1 HCL, Premier.

Hydrochloric Acidis the holy grail of digestion because of its many functions. HCL helps: absorb protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and iron, avoid gas, bloating, and acid reflux (because you are digesting instead of fermenting food), suppress growth of ingested bacteria and candida, and evade brain-gut mood imbalances. Hydrochloric acid production decreases with age and in the presence of chronic inflammation and should be supplemented to avoid rotting food and premature aging.

Premier HCL. Premier HCL is made with 100% solvent-free vegetable capsules, excipient-free: no binders, fillers, glues or other toxic tagalongs.

1 Digest, Premier.

Just like hydrochloric acid, studies show that as you age your body’s enzyme production decreases, meaning it becomes increasingly difficult to digest your food. Greater digestive enzyme stress depletes the body of metabolic enzyme production and according to Dr. Edward Howell, an enzyme researcher; metabolic enzyme deficit is the root of health problems.

Premier Digest is a plant source broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula that is derived using a proprietary Japanese fermentation process. It supports key digestive needs such as fat, protein, starch, lactose, sugar, and fiber.

Premier Digest is:

  • Broad spectrum, superior, fungal free plant enzyme formula
  • No pesticide or synthetic hormone residues
  • Organic acid substrate to enhance the body’s own capacity to produce enzymes
  • No tablets with toxic glues or binders
  • No animal gelatin capsules

1 Cleanse, Premier.

The normal range for stool transit through the colon for adults is 20 hours to 72 hours (2). Optimally, stool should pass as many times as you eat per day give or take. Do you go number two at least once or more every day? If you don’t, Premier Cleanse is the formula for you.

Premier Cleanse is a live source, clean, whole food grade colon cleaning formula that provides soluble fiber and cleans out toxic colon pockets, moving stagnant waste out of the colon and promoting healthy normal bowel eliminations. This herbal, beyond organic blend includes marshmallow root, licorice root, bitter gourd melon, black walnut hulls, pumpkin seed powder, slippery elm and more.

Premier Cleanse Blend is a clinically-tested, whole body cleansing , grade 10 world class formula. This means Premier Cleanse is:

  • Made with nonhybrid, open-pollinated herbs
  • Phytochemical factors are active because of the optimal growing practices
  • Naturally grown with grade 10 natural fertilizers
  • Not contaminated after harvest by chemical sprays used during transport or storage
  • Grown on fertile soil, in sunlight, and pure water

You get My Bonus Protocol when you purchase these 3 digestive health products (one bottle of each)

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