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BioCommunication Technology Testing

What is it?

This cutting edge, non invasive technology taps into the brain and nervous system to gian insight into what the body needs to heal itself. It gets at the root of the root to up level your health and wellness, clear underlying inflammation, and other stressors.

Rather than guess what your body needs to get into balance, we can test your body by sending specific messages and analyzing the physiochemical response. We monitor the over 400 million communications that occur per second to identify hidden stressors which helps us determine protocols that may balance your body.

We are essentially communication with your body and extrapolating meaning from what it is saying.

Because protocols are customized to your individual needs, your body goes to work to heal itself. There's no guessing and throwing darts in the dark. We hit the bulls eye:) 

This technique is at the forefront of personalized health and wellness incorporating biophysics, quantum physics and many discoveries on how the body really works and how to help it boost it's natural function.

The initial consultation takes around 3 hours ($120/hr x 3 hours) via a private video session online and reviews what you would like to work on and share any insights about your health and wellness. We then communicate with the body and analyze what the body is saying in layers. Depending on what is showing, we go deeper into the information. The information and insights are discussed with the client along with biological preferences and potential protocol ideas.

The remote session is only possible if the client purchases the hand cradle biocommunication device. Once the device and initial consultation are purchased we set up the appointment. This is a final sale, of course:)


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