Magnesium, Premier

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Magnesium, Premier, Supports a Wide Range of Functions in the Body Including Activating 300 Enzymes (4oz)

Premier Magnesium is a clean source watermelon flavor magnesium powder that supports various functions in the body: pH, heart, bones, teeth, absorption of A, C, and B vitamins. Magnesium helps digest food--protein, fats, and carbohydrates, helps utilize glucose, and prevents obesity genes from expressing themselves. Magnesium is distributed in throughout the body and especially throughout the nervous system.

More specifically....

According to the Journal of Nutrition, Healthy Aging 2006:

"The magnesium reserves (twenty-two grams in adults) are stored mainly in bone (more than half) and in skeletal muscle (one quarter). The rest is distributed throughout the organism, especially in the nervous system. It has two roles, structural and metabolic. It is a stabiliser of the different compartments of the cell (organelles, such as the nucleus, or the mitochondria that produce energy, etc). Magnesium plays a role in all the major metabolisms:oxidation-reduction, ionic regulation, etc. It activates about three hundred enzymes.

Magnesium participates in the formation and use of chemical links rich in energy that are the basis of all biological activity in the cell. Magnesium is indispensable both for the synthesis and action of ATP, and most enzymatic reactions depending on ATP require magnesium, whether for carbohydrate, lipid, nuclear, or protein metabolism."

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