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Relieve Constipation Products Kit Includes...

1 Premier Noni (60 vcaps)

Noni supports digestion and gastrointestinal health. It promotes healthy intes­tinal motility so it is helpful to those struggling with constipation:  "On a simplified level, peristalsis, the major movement theme of the gut, is mediated predominantly through the neurotransmitter serotonin (5HT).” The gut has seven 5HT receptor subtypes. (2) Serotonin is a compound found in Premier Noni. Beyond that Premier Noni supports healthy immune system function and boosts energy. It's a powerful antioxidant and promotes healthy mood.

1 Premier Cleanse (180 vcaps)

Premier Cleanse is a live source, clean, whole food grade colon cleaning formula that provides soluble fiber and cleans out toxic colon pockets, moving stagnant waste out of the colon and promoting healthy normal bowel eliminations. This herbal, beyond organic blend includes marshmallow root, licorice root, bitter gourd melon, black walnut hulls, pumpkin seed powder, slippery elm and more.

1 Premier Digest (60 vcaps)

Premier Digest is a plant source broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula that is derived using a proprietary Japanese fermentation process. It supports key digestive needs such as fat, protein, starch, lactose, sugar, and fiber.

Why do I take Premier Digest?

I take it to make sure I digest my food especially cooked food properly so that my colon doesn’t have to deal with toxic, rotting food that contributes to constipation and many other health problems.

1 Premier Galactan (8 oz/bottle)

Premier Galactan also known as arabinogalactan is a clean, live source larch fiber supplement that supports gut health and the immune system integrity. It is food for the beneficial bacteria in your gut. And it does so much more: Arabinogalactan has a “wide range of biological properties and activities documented, such as the protection of gastrointestinal mucosa and large bowel function, the support of digestive health by improving intestinal flora, the improvement of stress- induced gastrointestinal dysfunction, the effect on vascular permeability, the effect in metastatic disease and the enhancement of immune function ,” according to a 2016 Nutrition & Metabolism review. (4)

1 AloeMannan-FX, Premier (30 vcaps)

AloeMannan-FX is an organic inner leaf aloe vera that contains 15% stabilized acemannan (the major polysaccharide in aloe vera), clay, and Lou Han Guo fruit. Aloe vera is a digestive healing superfood and Premier AloeMannan-FX is exceptionally handled to ensure you get the highest quality, live source product.

1 Trim Body Blend, Premier (10 oz/bottle)

Trim Body Blend is a delicious, protein based meal blend that supports lean body weight along with the other fantastic benefits such as high quality fiber to ensure regular healthy bowel movements. This is a live source, food source, premier quality whey protein formula that is produced using an ultrafiltration process that keeps the delicate and precious glycomacropeptides that boost your immune system.

1 Lecithin Granules, Premier (12 oz/bottle)

Premier Lecithin Granules contain all four key unsaturated fatty acid phosphatidyl complexes for optimal organ health, including the brain, nervous system, kidneys and more. “On a molecular level, gut motility is a complex process that includes several layers of neural and hormonal control from the colon up to the central nervous system.” (2) The central nervous system is very much involved in the function of the colon and elimination or pooping. It only seems logical to support the nervous system.

You get my BONUS protocol when you buy this relieve constipation kit!

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