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Premier AloeMannan-FX, Organic Inner Leaf Aloe Vera, Aloe Barbadensis (30 vcaps)

AloeMannan-FX is an organic inner leaf aloe vera that contains 15% stabilized acemannan (the major polysaccharide in aloe vera), clay, and Lou Han Guo fruit. Aloe vera is a digestive healing superfood and Premier AloeMannan-FX is exceptionally handled to ensure you get the highest quality, live source product.

Aloe Mannan- FX is grown outside in the open air on a tropical volcanic island. The inner leaf is manually separated from the outer sheath. The water is removed right away and then the aloe is freeze dried. This process ensures the short-chain mannose sugars are preserved and you get 15% stabilized acemannan. This is why our AloeMannan-FX is sweet and tangy in flavor rather than the typical bitter aloe taste.

Besides supporting the digestive system, each capsule of AloeMannan-FX helps strengthen the immune system, clear viral infections, and control mucous in the body.

The table below lists just some of the magnificent compounds found in the Aloe. (7)

Organic aloe vera, premier aloemannan-fx


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