Allicidin, Premier

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Allicidin, Premier, Wild Bear Garlic Allicin Formula that Supports the Immune System (60 vcaps)

Allicidin is an immune boosting formula that breaks up biofilms, the micro communities in which various undesirable organisms hide, helping the immune system do it's job especially in the mouth, gastrointestinal tract, and urinary tract.

Premier Allicidin contains allicin which is formed when garlic is crushed. But that's not all. Allicidin also contains wild bear garlic whose active substances are found in its green leaves. Legend has it that after bears wake from hibernation they consume wild garlic which helps them regain strength. Wild garlic has greater amounts of magnesium, manganese, and zinc than kitchen garlic.

Allicidin also contains organic turkey tails, hyssop, and parsley. This beyond clean, synergistic formula additionally supports normal blood sugar levels and the cardiovascular system.

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