Exquisite Gut Microbiota Kit & My Bonus Protocol: Greens, Probiotic Caps, Galactan, Digest, HCL, Premier

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Exquisite Gut Microbiota Kit Includes...

1 Greens Caps Premier (150 vcaps)

Premier Greens Capsules is an organic greens and grasses blend that is air dried at low temperatures for optimal effect. The gut microbiome loves this stuff. It contains organic and gluten free barley grass, organic oat grass, organic wheat grass, organic chlorella, noni, brocolli, cilantro. ZERO fillers, sweeteners, or additives. Add this to your smoothie or mix with water.

1 Probiotic Caps, Premier (30 vcaps)

Premier Probiotic Caps (30 vcaps) are NON-DAIRY full spectrum beneficial flora for GI health. 12 different viable strains are fermented for three years in a process that uses 95 different natural herbs and barks that produce mature flora and bioavailable nutrients.

1 Premier Galactan (8 oz)

Premier Galactan also known as arabinogalactan is a clean, live source larch fiber supplement that supports gut health and immune system integrity. It is classified as a dietary fiber because it resists digestion by enzymes contained both in saliva and the small intestine, hence entering the large bowel intact, where it is fermented by the resident microflora. Galactan is food for probiotics and helps support their proliferation.

1 Premier Digest (60 vcaps)

Premier Digest is a plant source broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula that is derived using a proprietary Japanese fermentation process. It supports key digestive needs such as fat, protein, starch, lactose, sugar, and fiber. Digesting your food completely is key to a healthy gut and body.

1 Premier HCL (90vcaps)

Premier HCL aka hydrochloric acid is stomach acid that helps you digest your food. Hydrochloric acid helps not only absorb protein, calcium, vitamin B12, and iron, avoid gas, bloating, and acid reflux (because you are digesting instead of fermenting food), suppress growth of ingested bacteria and candida it also helps avoid brain-gut mood imbalances. Studies show that as you age your body produces smaller amounts of hydrochloric acid every year. This is a big deal because it means that your food is incompletely digested. You want to make sure your levels are sufficient to avoiding rotting food and premature aging.

To your exquisite gut microbiota!!!! PLEASE NOTE you will get MY BONUS protocol.

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