ImmunoVen, Premier

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ImmunoVen, Premier, Immune System and Cardiovascular Support Featuring Olive Leaf Extract known as the Tree of Life (60 vcaps)

Premier ImmunoVen is a living source nutraceutical formulation that contains genuine olive leaf extract (Olea europaea) that has been used for 60 centuries along with a phytonutrient support blend. It's a fantastic immune system and cardiovascular system booster. It promotes healthy blood pressure and blood flow, kidney and immune support, and so much more. As are all of our products, it is free of binders, fillers, heavy metals, or any additives. 

In Molecules 2015 the authors explain that...

"The interest in olive leaf has grown in recent years due to the high concentration of phenolic compounds, of which oleuropein is the most abundant. A number of the health benefits.... have
been attributed to oleuropein. It has been found to have anti-atherogenic [3], anti-inflammatory [4] and antimicrobial [5] properties. More recently, oleuropein has been investigated for its potent anti-cancer activity. It has been shown to inhibit proliferation and migration of a number of advanced grade human tumour cell lines in a dose dependent manner [6–11]."

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