Medi-Clay FX, Premier

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Medi-Clay FX, Premier, Calcium Bentonite Clay for Whole Body Detox (90 vcaps)

Premier Medi Clay FX is a rare, highly alkaline clay that is sourced from an underwater volcanic eruption that has been flushed with fresh water for millions of years. Its unique adsorptive and absorptive properties help detoxify the body of chemicals, heavy metals, and even radioactive particles. 

This calcium bentonite, smectite form of clay is highly negatively charged while chemicals, heavy metal, etc are positively charged. When Medi Clay FX makes its way down the gastrointestinal tract it attracts positively charged heavy metal, chemicals, and similar elements to itself, holding onto these toxic materials until the body eliminates them.

Medi-Clay FX contains ZERO additives,fillers, or binders.

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