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PancreVen, Premier, Pancreas, Digestion, and Blood Sugar Support (60 vcaps)

Premier PancreVen offers support for pancreas health, blood sugar levels, and the digestive system. It contains a broad spectrum of ingredients that includes prickly pear, cinnamon, bitter melon, aloe vera, thyme, kelp, white oak, shilajit, and others.

ZERO excipients, additives, glues, fillers, or binders.

Cinnamon is a powerful blood sugar support ingredient that is part of Premier PancreVen. In Pharmacognosy Research 2015 the authors explain that....

"From the beginning of its [cinnamon's] use in 2800 BC by our ancestors for various purposes such as anointment, embalming and various ailments, it has instigated the interest of many researchers. Recently many trials have explored the beneficial effects of cinnamon in Parkinsons, diabetes, blood, and brain. After extensive research on PubMed and Google scholar, data were collected regarding its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antilipemic, antidiabetic, antimicrobial, and anticancer effect. "

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