Polar Mins, Premier

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pH Minerals, Premier Iconic Mineral Concentrate From Utah's Great Salt Lake (8oz)

Premier Polar Mins promotes whole body health as it contains a broad spectrum of electrochemically charged highly concentrated minerals from the deep, pristine Southern Ocean near Antarctica. The concentration of Polar Min is 100:1, meaning that 1 gallon of Polar Mins is equal to the minerals found in 100 gallons of ocean water (with 97% of salt removed).

Polar Mins are high in electrochemical colloids which have been shown to increase cellular energy and function, supporting health and wellbeing.

Polars mins can be diluted in a spray bottle (95% water and 5% Polar Mins) and used to mist the skin and spray vegetables several times, a few hours before consumption to detoxify and repolarize them especially from trapped free phosphates.

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