ThyroVen, Premier

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ThyroVen, Premier, Nutraceutical Formula that Provides Detoxification and Thyroid Support (60 vcaps)

Premier ThyroVen helps support and detoxify the thyroid. It contains bladderwrack, kelp, blue green algae, uva ursi, pacific yew, prickly pear, chlorella, and many other thyroid supporting botanicals.

This formula contains ZERO heavy metals, excipients, additives, preservatives, chemicals. Each raw material is scanned using photoluminescent technology to ensure the ingredients are clean. 

Unheated kelp in Premier ThyroVen is a great source of iodine and as authors in Thyroid 2013 state:

"We review evidence showing that, in addition to being a component of the thyroid hormone, iodine can be an antioxidant as well as an antiproliferative and differentiation agent that helps to maintain the integrity of several organs with the ability to take up iodine. In animal and human studies, molecular iodine (I2) supplementation exerts a suppressive effect on the development and size of both benign and cancerous neoplasias. Investigations by several groups have demonstrated that these effects can be mediated by a variety of mechanisms and pathways, including direct actions."

 Get ThyroVen today and experience superior nutrition.

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